What are we looking for?

We've always got an eye out for a girl who turns heads, because that's what our clients love too. So if you're a young lady who thinks she has what it takes to join soSecretLodon, read on for a quick checklist of what we're looking for.

First, foremost, above all and essentially, you must meet or exceed our strict aesthetic requirements – we have the very highest standards for your looks, your style and your figure. Take a look at our galleries and see what we mean, and if you think you can hold your own in such premier-league company, we'll be pleased to meet you.

Of course, our clients like to talk as well you know – so we're looking for well-spoken girls who can hold a decent conversation. (It helps if you've got something interesting to talk about as well of course.) And our models know that sometimes listening is more important than saying anything at all.

Every client is different – and every booking is different too. You might be dining at an upscale restaurant one minute, and grooving to the rhythm at a hot nightclub the next. And depending on the booking, you might just find yourself jetting off to a far flung country before the day is done. This means our models need to look and feel comfortable in any context, setting or situation, so its vital that you demonstrate sophistication, good manners, and an ability to relax and help people relax with you. Oh and it should go without saying that you need to have perfect table manners.

VIP Models

Every girl who works with SoSecretLondon is something very special. But there's a class of models who simply blow the competition out of the water. If you're one of them, and you'll know it if you are, then you can be sure your talents will be recognised. To become one of our VIP models, just get in touch with us and we'll talk things through.

Why work with us?

Why work with SoSecretLondon? How many reasons do you need? Our clients include some of the capital's most eligible men. They look for the very best in everything they do, and when you're keeping them company, that means you get to enjoy it all too. So if you like going to all the most happening places, eating the finest foods, and travelling to the world's most glamorous destinations, you're going to have a ball.

You need to be open-minded, enthusiastic, professional and hard-working, but in return you'll see serious rewards. Our clients also know that to get the very best you have to pay the very best, which means you can make the kind of money as a SoSecretLondon model that you simply wouldn't make any other way. And finally, you can rest assured that we'll guard your privacy just as closely as we do with all our clients – your SoSecret is safe with us!

Become a model

Are you interested in working with soSecretLodon? If so, read on – but be warned: our clients expect the very best, and our jobs is to give it to them. If you think you have the beauty, sophistication, energy and imagination to make the grade, then call us or drop us a line. You must be prepared to attend an interview and undergo a rigorous selection process. If we consider you a suitable candidate and offer you a place on our books, you'll be embarking on one of the most exciting adventures of your life, and the rewards are considerable. You can be assured that we will guard your privacy at all times.

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