Client’s rights and obligations

The Client shall under no circumstances request from the Companion her personal contact data which shall be understood telephone, e-mail, or any other contact information allowing the Client to go round the Agency in terms of services rendered by the Escort in such manner that the Client would automatically contact the Companion if needed.

The Client shall keep confidential any and all information that the Client learns about the Agency and the Companion; the above shall apply vice versa, i.e. the Agency and individual Companions shall maintain confidentiality about the Client and the Client’s personal circumstances, whereas such obligation shall remain valid also after terminating the contractual relation with the Agency.

Under no circumstances, the Client shall request from the Companion any pictures thereof or any other video or audio-video records presenting the Companion.

During the entire term when the Companion is in the Client’s care, the Client shall conduct in a manner that in no way represents any threat to the Companion, i.e. the Companion shall only provide services to the Client, she shall not be obliged to be involved in any other activities than the activities agreed upon herein.

The Client acknowledges that the Companion shall only be obliged to render services to the Client and nobody else, which shall be understood that the Companion shall only represent the Client indicated in the heading hereof, and only such Client shall be entitled to be escorted by the Companion during the Client’s business and working meetings, business and working trips, as well as the Client’s tourism-related activities. Any breach of the obligation under this clause shall result in the Agency’s right to withdraw from the Agreement with immediate effect and charge a contractual fine for each individual breach of this provision.

Contracting parties agree that any legal relations based on the present Agreement shall be subject to the law of the Slovak Republic.

If the Client, together with the Companion, shall stay in a country other than the Slovak Republic, the Client shall draw the Agency’s attention to the specifics of the specific legal regulations.

The Client shall provide the Companion the maximum care possible.

The Client shall pay the Agency the full amount of the fee for the services rendered not later then one day before the intended date of the services to be rendered.

If the provision of services is terminated by the Client on grounds that the Companion’s or Agency’s contractual obligations have been violated, the Agency shall be obliged returning back to the Client the proportional part of the fee for which no services were rendered, which shall be understood from the point of time of the Client’s notification on such breach of the Agreement.

If, due to a notice by the Companion, the Agency learns about the violation of obligations arising from the present Agreement to the Client, the Agency shall withdraw from the Agreement without undue delay; whereas in such case the Client shall pay the Agency a contractual.


The Parties hereto shall maintain confidential the subject matter of the arrangements hereunder as well as the Agency’s know-how, information relating to the Agency’s financial standing, business relations, and business partners, whereas this confidentiality obligation shall also apply after the termination of the present Agreement. The Agency as well as the Client shall keep confidential any and all facts and not misuse any information obtained in connection with the performance of the Agreement for their own benefit.

The Client as well as the Agency shall not cause any harm to the name and/or assets of the other Party hereto or otherwise harm the reputation of the other Party hereto.